About Us

Wokindia Pharmaceuticals founded by Mr.Gautom singh. The Company registered in 2020. He has very good experience in sales & marketing in various segment including pharmaceuticals industry. Wokindia is an Indian pharmaceuticals company headquartered in Mumbai, India.

Wokindia’s founder chairman , Mr. Gautom singh says, “A decade ago, I saw a changing nation that i trusted would present us with big future opportunities in the field of Pharmaceuticals and healthcare. We are working for ‘one step for nation‘ with new way of thinking and new journey to touch people’s lives.


Our Vision

To emerge as leading global research base pharmaceutical company. Which is connect to people around the world for better health.


To create a better life for inspire humanity & we work hard every day to provide the best & superior quality of medicine.


Our Values

We trust values that define us
At Wokindia, we pleasure our Oath of caring for our customers, our responsibility to our employees ‘growth and happiness our continues quality focus , and the spirit of innovation that guide the each of us to discover for stronger ways of working. This culture is appearance and driven by our Values.


…………Integrity is the execution of the being honest and quality of having strong ethical principles and value that are followed at all times. We lead ourselves with uncompromising integrity and honesty. we favour on the highest virtuous standards and transparency from our employees in all interactions.



…………We empower our knowledge to initiate ideas, skills, objects and awareness, offer solutions that add exceptional value. knowledge is an awareness of familiarity, recognition or feeling of someone or something such as reality, expertise and skills.we value worth of knowledge & competency. it authorize our people to find innovative solution to manage change.



…………We provide identical, equal and honest opportunities for employment, teaching and career development. We caring and respect towards all our stakeholders. Respect in your relationship rise feeling of trust, welfare and wellbeing. respect doesn’t have to come naturally- it is something you learn. Respect, also called *esteem* is a pleasure feeling or steps shown with regard to someone or something observe important or held in high esteem or valuable qualities.



…………Teamwork is the cooperative effort of a batch to achieve a common goal or to finished a task in the most effective and efficient way. This ideas is seen within the greater framework of a team, which is group of interrelationship individuals who work together towards a common goal.
The endeavor and spirit of our people covering all levels and geographies are line up to our stakeholders. We inspire of various opinions, yet work together with well correlated effort.



…………We value Achievement of aim and consistently attempt towards our vision with determination. Achievement is big goal in sales management is a business discipline which is focused on integrity, teamwork, relationship, trust and customer focus and care of sales operation.





…………Trust live in interpersonal relationships. The faith that somebody is virtuous , integrity , honest and genuine etc. and will not try to harm or trick you.

…………Trust is establish as to have faith , confidence or hope in someone or something. Trust is having stronger faith to that things will be better in future.

  • Assured quality culture.
  • We provide best quality products so people’s can Trust.
  • WHO & GMP certified products.
  • We help to serve better healthy life.
  • One step for nation.
  • We care & respects of our drs.
  • Cost effective & affordable products.
  • For better future.